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    Thanks Sandra. Some good points!

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    Thank you Gordon and Sandra – So great to see some positive attributes to print, Like we always it is verified in print! South Africa is still a reading nation.

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    Atiyya Karodia

    Thank the Lord that someone wrote this piece! I work in digital and still strongly believe that print will never die, but will require a tie in wiith digital. I do think that lots of publications panic when faced with lower circulation and decide to quickly grasp tried and tested (and hated) methods of digital strategy to supplement their content. Print needs to stick around, because the quality of content that it offers can be adapted to digital, and be successful!

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    I worked for Media24 in a very senior position. What you mention about “cries of ‘print is dead’ from … sometimes your own bosses” could not be more true. And you forgot to mention how the centralisation of sales services has had a massive detrimental effect on the more niche brands.

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