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    Naomi Butow

    Hi Greg, thanks for this insightful article. Just a question: I attended your Afropolitan Immersion Conference this year, and at various occasions I have asked for the presentation – even sending an e-mail to your address when all else failed. I still would like to have a copy of the presentation – it will be of great value to me in my media buying and decision-making. Thanks for the value you bring to the industry via knowledge sharing. I look forward to your response.

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    Kah Wai Sin

    Hi. I’ve stumbled upon from a LinkedIn post and I’ve just spent about an hour listening to it live from Kuala Lumpur witout any technical diffulties. I like your playlists and the DJs are bright and cherry.

    Re: “Radio is the original social media”. That’s the truth well told. I’m rather certain that FM broadcasting will last way longer than the internet boom and bust cycles. I like radio because it doesn’t it’s not a visual media and it brings the North and South together.

    My regards to’s casts Abd crew. Keep it up!

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