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    Mark Wade

    Peta, you’ve forgotten to mention that the greatest challenge facing online publishers are the media planners and buyers. While in ‘traditional media’ – radio, TV and print – they’re quite happy to pay exorbitant prices, when it comes to online advertising, they want to use Mr Google’s pay-per-click model. Imagine going to a major Sunday newspaper and saying that an advertiser ‘demands’ a full page, but will only pay on purchases of their product – they’d be kicked out of the building. However, when it comes to online, they only want to give a miniscule commission to the publisher. It’s these media buying guys who are crippling online publishers. Online advertising should be treated on a par with traditional media.

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    Mr Blofeld

    I signed up to Disqus so I can give you a Thumbs Up.

    Let the 22 year olds find the best placement for your ad. They’ll choose the magazine who feeds them the most free lunches.

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    Mark Wade

    Further, Mr Blofeld, media buyers are driven by profit, and with online publishing, that’s minimal income – 16.5% of R10,000 doesn’t quite compare to 16.5% of R1 million. They want ‘the big returns’, and it’s traditional media that’s giving them that. Online publishers are charging a fraction of radio, TV and print, yet, that’s where the big readerships are. While we complain about ‘bandwidth’, everyone has a ‘smart device’ of some sort, be that a cellphone or tablet, hence the incredible growth of social media. I firmly believe that advertisers are being screwed by media planners and buyers who want the ‘glamour’ – and profits – of traditional media, and are shunning the online environment to keep their shareholders happy.

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