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    Reid’s view is right. The only problem is she is looking in the wrong direction.
    ABC does not aim or intend to give any value about readers. It is an audit of publication production, not a survey of publication consumption — which is a significant difference. ABC simply gives factual empirical data on how many copies of a publication are produced and sold or circulated (including free publications).
    Most media planners I know give far more weight to AMPS, which is a readership survey and which uses ABC figures as one of its measures.
    The SA Advertising Research Foundation who produce AMPS would be the first to agree that the differences between readership and circulation are very complex and change from publication to publication.
    To start with, it is a strange fact that as a publication’s circulation increases, its readership per copy decreases. Frequency also makes a big difference. A monthly magazine will have a far greater ratio of readers to buyers than a weekly magazine or daily newspaper.
    ABC is to AMPS what apple is to pear. Both may be deciduous and delicious, but decidedly different.

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