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    Jarred Cinman

    Thank you for this piece. There are a lot of moving targets here but I believe the IAB is making swift progress toward the kinds of metrics and numbers everyone needs, and putting them into tools that are already industry standards.

    EM has recently added feature phone surveys to the audience measurement universe and we have, by far, the largest number of audience samples of any medium. There remains issues with the statistical sampling of that audience but to be honest these problems are not the root cause of why digital spend is not growing as fast as it should.

    In the past 12 months we have (with Pete’s help) weighted EM to AMPS for the first time, commissioned a sell-side survey in line with global IAB studies (partnering with PwC) and assisted Telmar with their internet planning tool due for release imminently. Bear in mind that South Africa already has a major advantage in that we have a single digital measurement currency with all major publishers on board. That gives us a significant advantage.

    I absolutely accept the point that digital under-represents itself and confuses the market with jargon and, at times, deliberate obfuscation. But as part of a global body that sets the standards for measurement and online advertising I believe we are on the cusp of a new era which will explode digital spend in the country.

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    Good article, but with a bit missing from Effective Measure 🙂

    Effective Measure can measure ‘Unique Audiences’ so users de-duplicated
    for multiple browsers and devices, the only issue is this is only
    available with our panel data that has been blocked by the Industry.

    In the near future Effective Measure will be able to measure ‘Unique
    Devices’ via device fingerprinting and not cookies so this will be as
    close to ‘people’ as possible. Unless ‘people’ have a microchip in their
    arms and scan the chip for each media consumed we will never get a
    ‘people’ metric.
    Effective Measure do provide a Media Planning tool for digital where
    agencies can run schedules based on target market demographics, it’s not
    perfect but a work in progress.
    Effective Measure can measure ROI for digital Media campaigns via our
    CM/CI service, this stands for Campaign Measure/Campaign Impact and it’s
    exactly the same as comScore VCE and Nielsens Campaign Ratings. Using
    this we can measure reach, frequency & GPR/AR’s. We can even go one
    step further and measure the impact of the campaign by surveying 200
    exposed vs 200 non exposed and asking brand awareness and purchase
    intent questions with spider diagrams etc. In an ideal world every
    campaign in SA would be measured and we could then get an Industry
    average % exposure and GRP by sector, but this could be cost
    prohibitive. It’s quite simple to implement by simply adding the
    Effective Measure Ad tag to the ad server before running the campaign.

    Lastly, in my opinion the only way we are going to see digital ad spend increase is in 3 ways;
    1) The release of the panel data and seeing the full digital market including social, brands and overseas sites.
    2) Get an accurate Ad spend figure, not from Adex and the publishers but from the agencies and brands directly.
    3) Speak the same language as traditional agencies so eGPR’s or eAR’s

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    Love it!,,

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