Anger follows Facebook’s secret study to manipulate emotions

30 July 2014 - Digital Media

New details surrounding how Facebook allowed academic researchers to conduct a secret experiment on nearly 700 000 of its users to determine if digital manipulation ...


Digital jargon for dummies [part two]

30 July 2014 - Education

Our first instalment of Digital Jargon for Dummies Part One elicited some great responses. Some people found it useful to translate wording that on the surface ...


Print and digital research trends

30 July 2014 - Research

The problem facing the media research fraternity globally is the huge amount of fragmentation and lack of agreement on metrics when it comes to measuring ...

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Briefly… What’s in The Media magazine in August

30 July 2014 - Media Mecca

The August edition of The Media pays tribute to women in this industry, their achievements, their challenges and what makes them tick. We meet one of ...

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Briefly… New look Essentials gets modern makeover

30 July 2014 - Media Mecca

Essentials magazine, the go-to lifestyle and craft magazine for the modern family woman on-the-go, has revealed its sleek new look with its latest issue. “I’m very ...

M&G Pimples

Are public spats between media owners good for business?

29 July 2014 - Newspapers

The battle between Independent Media and the Mail & Guardian is far from over. Last week, the tussle between the two newspapers entered an even ...


A mobile Facebook’s higher influence

29 July 2014 - Advertising

At Twisted Toast Digital we’ve recently been involved in a number of social media campaigns for a diverse range of clients. Facebook featured strongly in ...

Hectic 9

SA’s film and TV industry ripe for practical skills development

29 July 2014 - Education

South Africa’s high unemployment rate remains a constant concern across government, industry and society at large. With recent figures citing a staggering 25.02% people being ...

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SABC a significant sponsor of the MOST Awards 2014

29 July 2014 - Awards

The excitement is building for the sixth annual MOST Awards in September. The SABC have signed on, showing their commitment to celebrating excellence in service ...

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Leveraging video in the media mix

28 July 2014 - Advertising

The use of video in digital marketing is exploding. ComScore estimates that 84% of the US population now consumes video content online. Video viewing on ...

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IAB SA outlines five point plan for digital market

28 July 2014 - Digital Media

In January this year, the Digital Media and Marketing Association (DMMA) rebranded as the Interactive Advertising Bureau South Africa – the IAB SA. The IAB is ...


How native advertising and editorial content can work hand-in-hand

28 July 2014 - Digital Media

There’s a new buzzword making waves across the digital sphere. If you haven’t been hiding under a rock, you’ll know that we’re talking about ‘native ...

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OOH! Outdoor digital networks deliver bang for your bucks

28 July 2014 - Out of Home

When Lewis Hamilton won the Formula One World Championship after the Brazil Grand Prix, the news was announced within 10 minutes on JCDecaux screens across ...

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How AR could give print a digital boost

28 July 2014 - Press

As South African newspapers and magazines come under increasing pressure from digital competition, so must they look to digital innovations such as augmented reality to ...

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Briefly… SA Home Owner turns 25

28 July 2014 - Media Mecca

South African home, decor and design magazine SA Home Owner celebrates its 25th birthday in August with a 284-page issue. “SA Home Owner has gone ...

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Briefly… Algoa FM supports Fun Friday cricket clinics

28 July 2014 - Media Mecca

Regular Friday cricket clinics will help the Eastern Cape to produce the next generation of international cricketers like Makhaya Ntini. The former cricket star's cricket ...


Are public spats between media owners good for business?

M&G Pimples
29 July 2014

The battle between Independent Media and the Mail & Guardian is far from over. Last week, the tussle between the two newspapers entered an even ...


South African radio is very healthy indeed

radio tower
22 July 2014

Having spent the better part of two years working at the RAB in the UK in the early to mid-2000s it always surprised me that ...


Urgent: better measurement for online media

18 July 2014

While some say online is the easiest platform to measure, others are adamant that more needs to be done to see how powerful it is. Putting ...

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